The Jamaican Reggae duo Dave and Ansell Collins hit big in 1970, when they topped
the UK charts with one of the all time classic reggae singles, ‘Double Barrel’. It also
became one of the first reggae hits in the USA. The distinctive chant of singer
Dave Barker calling out the intro to songs letting the listener know what’s about to
hit them is timeless. He also carries a great soul voice that has added magic to many
a great reggae tune. Dave and Ansell are two talented artists that on their own have
added so much to the reggae sounds we know and love. But together have made a
name that will go down in history as one of the great duo’s that came out of Jamaica
and onto the worldwide stage.

Dave Barker was a session singer and a member of the vocal group the Techniques.
His DJ talents grew from working the Sound Systems of Jamaica. Ansell Collins was
a talented session keyboard player. Both had worked for producer Lee Perry with whom
Dave Barker had voiced many tunes, including the great ‘Shocks Almighty’, which
carries his talk over style to great effect. Dave and Ansell’s ‘Double Barrel’ was
followed in 1971 with the ‘Heavy Monster Sound’’ of ‘Monkey Spanner’, another
hit that reached No 7 in the UK charts. Ansell Collins keyboard and piano work can
be found spread over many of the finest reggae tunes that he had worked on during
his years in one of the top session players on the Island. Not only did he give producer
Winston Riley one of his biggest hits with ‘Double Barrel’, he also played organ on his
instrumental track ‘Stalag 17’, when he was part of the top Jamaican band, Soul Syndicate.
The ’Stalag 17’ rhythm has been the back bone to numerous hits over the decades for
artists including, Big Youth, Horace Andy, Augustus Pablo, Frankie Paul, General Echo
and Tenor Saw.

We have compiled a set of songs that show the wide ranging talents of Dave Barker and
Mr Ansell Collins. Handpicked from the vast catalogue of producer Bunny Lee , some
unreleased till now, but a set that we hope will add to the great catalogue of reggae’s finest,
Dave and Ansell Collins…time to Double Up!! One more time …

Hope you enjoy the set….

CD Track Listing

1 Liquidator Shuffle
2 007 (Both Barrels)
3 Just Can’t Stand It (Man Next Door)
4 Johnny Dollar
5 The Beatitude
6 Great Shocks of Mighty
7 Girl Of My Dreams
8 Oh Baby (Django Returns )
9 Queen Of The Minstrel
10 Mister Talkative
11 Riding For A Fall
12 Trying To Conquer Me
13 Sexy Dream
14 Hot Sauce
15 My Guiding Star (King Tubby Mix)*
16 Mumsey I Love You*
17 Liquidator Surfin’ Version*
18 Django (Version)*
•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 Liquidator Shuffle
2 007 (Both Barrels)
3 Just Can’t Stand It (Man Next Door)
4 Johnny Dollar
5 The Beatitude
6 Great Shocks of Mighty
7 Girl Of My Dreams

Side 2

1 Oh Baby (Django Returns )
2 Queen Of The Minstrel
3 Mister Talkative
4 Riding For A Fall
5 Trying To Conquer Me
6 Sexy Dream
7 Hot Sauce

Musicians Include:
Carlton ‘Santa’ Davis, Carlton Barrett, Sly Dunbar: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare, George ‘Fully’ Fullwood, Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett: Bass
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith: Lead Guitar
Tony Chin, Aston Barrett: Rhythm Guitar
Ansell Collins: Piano, Organ, Keyboards
Winston Wright, Bernard ‘Touter’ Harvey, Ossie Hibbert: Organ
Val Bennet, Tommy McCook: Tenor Saxophone
Vin Gordon: Trombone

Recorded at: Channel 1, Randy’s Studio, Harry J’s, Dynamic Sounds, Treasure Isle
Produced By: Bunny Lee
Design By: Gary@Voodoo London
Manufactured Under Licence From E.Lee
All Titles Copyright Control