The group Knowledge and producer / DJ / Artist Tapper Zukie’s stories
are intertwined through their location in the Rema area of Kingston,
Jamaica. Tapper Zukie taking the band under his wing and getting this
classic album ‘Hail Dread’ a worldwide release back in 1979 when it
first hit the record shelves.

Knowledge’s line-up included Anthony Doyley, Delroy Folding,
Earl Macfarlane, Mike Smith, Michael Samuels and later Paul Freeman.
The group’s debut release was ‘Make Faith’ featuring Tapper Zukie
introducing the band as his proteges and began a winning formula.
The band released many of their early singles on Tapper’s ‘Stars’
imprint and were also produced by Tapper himself. This culminated in
Tapper getting the band a deal with major record label A&M and the
band were in fact the first reggae act to be signed to the label. A&M
were keen to work with Tapper as an artist and producer and at one
time motioned Tapper to be backed by one of their other signed bands
‘The Police’ for a UK tour. Tapper thought that being backed by a band
named after such an establishment would not be a wise idea and declined
the offer. But this connection did lead to one of Jamaica’s great vocal
groups getting their debut album again produced by Tapper Zukie released
on this major label. The album opens with Tappers introduction of the
band and the nine tracks contained are all great roots inspired classics.
Sadly the relationship was short lived and the album ‘Hail Dread’ would
be the only release for the label.

‘Hail Dread’ we hope you agree is one of roots reggae’s classic 70’s
releases and shows the group and their producer at the height of their
powers and the proof is in the listening...

Hope you enjoy the set..

CD Track Listing

1 What’s Yours
2 Population
3 Hail Dread
4 Words Sounds And Power
5 Fools And Their Money
6 Zion
7 Sentry
8 Good Luck My Friends
9 Population Dub*
10 Words Sounds And Dubwise*
11 Coarsing Oil Inna Fire*
12 Appartment C*

*CD Bonus tracks

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 What’s Yours
2 Population
3 Hail Dread

Side 2

1 Words Sounds And Power
2 Fools And Their Money
3 Zion
4 Sentry
5 Good Luck My Friends

Anthony Doyley
Delroy Folding
Earl McFarlane
Mike Smith
Michael Samuels

Musicians Include:

Max Edwards: Drums
George Fuller: Bass
Tony Chin & Bingy Bunny: Rhythm Guitar
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith: Lead Guitar
Vin Gordon: Trombone
Bobby Ellis: Trumpet
Also Tapper Zukie on “Whats Yours”

Produced By: TapperZukie
Design By: Gary @Voodoo London
Manufactured Under License from: D. Sincliar