Tapper Zukie’s ‘Man From Bosrah’ album still stands up today many years after its
initial release, as only great music seems to do. Tapper was one of the few Jamaican
artists in the late 1970’s, that crossed over with the emerging punk/New Wave audience.
Punk poet Patti Smith had practiced her poetry over the rhythms from Tapper Zukie’s
‘Man Ah Warrior’ album, before reworking them as songs with her band. Acknowledging
this influence she brought Tapper on stage with her at the Hammersmith Odeon
23 October 1976 and introduced Tapper to a whole new Punk/New Wave audience.

An audience that accepted reggae as a music that also dealt with struggle and oppression.
Her link carried through to this ‘Man from Bosrah’ set due to an accident in which she fell
off stage at one of her gigs at the Curtis Hixon Hall, Tampa, Florida USA, on the 23rd
January 1977, injuring her neck. The recovery was slow but she explained that during
the fall she had thought of Tappers music and it was his music that had brought her
back from the darkness. She wrote a poem Tapper Extraction which was reproduced
on the initial release of this album. We had included it with this re-release as the two
items now seem inseparable. The cover shot shows Tapper standing at the back gates
of the school yard in trench town which was opposite his own yard......

sit back listen/read/ hear what was happening back then and made such a time defining album.
Hope you enjoy the set.

“One does not hold the key, he extends it’’
Zu-Kie, the Tapper of precious blood, looks down at his mother bending over
the river beating the clothes w / a stone. In / space the Tapper extracts; the sky
Full of numbers… the mute procession of the 12 tribes… the insatiable
dreamer that totems the manor… the rude Zugernaut… a Mesopotamia
hotel… Taj Mahal… keeper of bees… aluminium cones exuding the icing
Of light. Awareness is relative and anyone relating to the Tapper feels the fluid
Of the future flooding his veins… the screen projects deliverance… vague
silver members… the lost years of Jesus + Cleopatra… Tablets unearthed
from the dawn of time… a rose glow… searchlights over the labyrinth…
rube flux and a vibrant twist of thread….
Tapper, the extractor, ties it together. Like a playful cat he taps the ravelling
ball… sending it in / space like a corvette over Detroit landing on the throat of
the babbeling son of ritual.
He cried ah / men oh / men
his bodily fluids coagulate into a smooth stone
etched w / the synchronizing symbols;
words of power / words of light
cries from the valley of the forgotten
the gentile panorama / the shackles of slaves opening like a laughing wound
the shinning faces of the liberation
the ma / sonic key of the Tapper is turning The ball of thread is unravelling…
the walls of the labyrinth are splitting…
and the people are rushing…
Rushing like the blood of the lion merging w / Zu-Kie, the Tapper of blood,
Looking down at his mother bending over the river and his father working in
the Field.


CD Track Listing

1 A Chapter A Day
2 Man From Bosrah
3 Prophecy
4 What About The Half
5 Judgement On The Land
6 Punching Pilot
7 Ballistic Dread
8 Rockers
9 Natty In Love
10 Ship Sail
11 Peace & Love*
12 Liberation Struggle*
•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 A Chapter A Day
2 Man From Bosrah
3 Prophecy
4 What About The Half
5 Judgement On The Land

Side 2

1 Punching Pilot
2 Ballistic Dread
3 Rockers
4 Natty In Love
5 Ship Sail

Backing Vocals:
Junior Ross and the SPEARS
Linford Nugent from the SPEARS
Johnny Clarke & Morwell

Musicians Include:

Sly Dunbar, Santa Davis: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare, Lloyd Parks: Bass
Tony Chin, Bingy Bunny: Rhythm Guitar
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith: Lead Guitar
Ansel Collins: Organ
Augustus Pablo,Gladstone ‘Gladdy’ Anderson: Piano
Noel ‘Skully’ Simms ans Sky Juice: Percussion
Vin Gordon: Trombone, Bobby Ellis: Trumpet
Deadly ‘Headly’ Bennett: Saxophone

Produced & Arranged by Tapper Zukie
Mixed at: King Tubby’s Studio
Design by: Gary@Voodoo London
Manufactured Under License from: D. Sinclair,
All tracks copyright control