Jackie Edwards voice can be heard on hundreds of Ska, R&B, Soul,
Rocksteady records. In fact all the incarnations that reggae revolved into.
He was at the birth of Island Records and his distinctive soulful voice
has rightly given him the moniker of the original Cool Ruler.

Jackie Edwards (b Wilfred Edwards, 1938, Jamaica) was a renowned
singer from the early days and by 1959 had presented future Island
Records owner Chris Blackwell with two outstanding tunes. The first
a sentimental ballad ‘Your Eyes Are Dreaming’ and a Latin-Beat tune
‘Tell Me Darling’. His song writing skills were in much demand and
his popularity of such importance that when Chris Blackwell went to
London in 1962 to set up his future record company Island Records,
he took his top balladeer with him. This was to pay dividends when
a UK group Blackwell had signed the Spencer Davis Group released
two of Jackie Edwards compositions “Keep On Running’’ and
“Somebody Help Me’’. Which topped the British Charts in 1966
and were important early cornerstones in the future success in the
Island Records story.

We have compiled some of Jackie Edwards finest tunes including
his own version of the fore-mentioned big hit “Keep On Running’’,
the sublime “Who Told You So’’ , “Get Up’’, the cutting edge
‘’Johnny Your A Gun Man’’ and the title track to this album
“Peaceful Man’’ which we named him after. All great tunes in
different reggae styles but all sung to perfection.

Hope You enjoy the set…

CD Track Listing

1 Who Told You So
2 I’m In The Mood
3 Peaceful Man
5 I’m Still Waiting
6 Johnny Your A Gun Man
7 Keep On Running
8 Get Up
9 Ali-baba
10 Mean Girl
11 Julie On My Mind
12 So Jah Say
13 It’s All In the Game
14 Sad News*
15 I Do Love You*
16 Carry On Henry*
17 Before The Next Teardrop*
18 Anymore*
•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 Who Told You So
2 I’m In The Mood
3 Peaceful Man
5 I’m Still Waiting
6 Johnny Your A Gun Man

Side 2

1 Keep On Running
2 Get Up
3 Ali-baba
4 Mean Girl
5 Julie On My Mind
6 So Jah Say
7 It’s All In the Game

Musicians Include:
Bobby Aiken & The Carib Beats, & Sly Dunbar: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare: Bass
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith: Lead Guitar
Alva ‘Reggie’Lewis: Rhythm Guitar
Winston Wright: Organ
Robbie Lynn: Keyboards
Tommy McCook: Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Ellis: Trumpet

Studios Include: Dynamic Sounds, Channel 1, Harry J’s, Randy’s Studio 17 & Chalk Farm
Voiced at: King Tubby’s, Channel 1 & Chalk Farm
Produced By: Bunny Lee
Design by: Gary@Voodoo London
Photography: Courtesy of Bunny Lee
Manufactured Under Licence from: E.Lee