The ‘Natty Dread A Weh She Want’ set brings together two legends of
Reggae Music. The stylish and unmistakable falsetto voice of singer
Horace Andy and the production / DJ singing skills of Tapper Zukie.
Both artists catalogues of music stand up strong but this originally
released 1979 set of songs seems to have brought something special
out of both of them when producing / writing and arranging this set of tunes.
Horace Andy (b. Horace Hinds,1951,Kingston Jamaica) like many other
Jamaican singers began his musical career at Coxsonne Dodd’s
Studio One. So impressed with the youth, Coxsonne decided on a name
change for the young artist and called him after his top songwriter of the
time Bob Andy. So Horace Hinds became Horace Andy. His first tune for
Coxsonne ‘Something On My Mind’ was a slow burner in Jamaica, but
his belief in his young protégé paid off when followed later by ‘Skylarking
’a tune that burst the singer all over the radio and sound systems of Jamaica.

After numerous singles and two albums worth of material, Horace moved
on to work with many of the top flight Jamaican producers, among them
Keith Hudson, Augustus Pablo, Niney the Observer, and Bunny Lee.
It was with the later producer Bunny Lee that Horace had his most
successful run of hits and in a way lead to his working with fellow
Bunny Lee artist Tapper Zukie.

Tapper Zukie (b.1956,David Sinclair, Kingston, Jamaica.) was raised
in the rough and tough West Kingston area of Jamaica, between the
districts of Trench Town and Greenwich Farm. Living pretty much on
the streets from an early age , the youths including the young Tapper
had no choice but to fall into the hands of the Political Parties that
controlled the various ghetto areas of the town. Fear of landing in even
more trouble, a plan was devised by Tapper’s mother, brother reggae
producer ‘Blackbeard’ and family friend and fellow record producer
Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee to send the wayward Tapper to England to cool
his ways .A UK tour for number one reggae Dee Jay, U Roy was
already arranged and on arrival in London, Bunny Lee got the young
Tapper up to toast over a Slim Smith rhythm. The London crowd loved
it and it also caught the eye of producer Larry Lawrence who took the
new protégé, in the studio and cut his first single ‘Jump and Twist’, which
later that year was released under the name of ‘King Topper’ on Larry’s
Ethic Fight imprint. Nine further tracks were also recorded for producer
Clement Bushay that would result in the album ‘Man ah Warrior’.

Tapper Zukie’s long recording career was begun but he had also set his
sights on producing other artists. This would lead to among many other things,
starting his own label `Stars’, to release these many recordings. One of
these artists that he would record some great music with would be Horace Andy.

As stated earlier this set of songs was originally released in 1979 and also
gave Horace and Tapper a massive hit at the time with the single
`Natty Dread A Weh She Want’. A timeless track that still sounds as fresh
listening to it today, as do the other tracks on this fine album….

Hope you enjoy the set….

CD Track Listing

1 Raggamuffin
2 Natty Dread A Weh She Want
3 If I Wasn’t A Man
4 Love Me Baby
5 Treasure of Love
6 Jah Rainbow
7 Freedom
8 This Must Be Hell
9 Run Babylon
10 (Stop Your) Brutality
11 Raggamuffin (12” Mix)*
12 Natty Dread A Weh She Want (12” Mix)*
13 If I Wasn’t A Man (12” Mix)*
14 This Must Be Hell (12 “ Mix)*
15 (Stop Your) Brutality (12 “ Mix)*
*CD Bonus Tracks

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 Raggamuffin
2 Natty Dread A Weh She Want
3 If I Wasn’t A Man
4 Love Me Baby
5 Treasure of Love

Side 2

1 Jah Rainbow
2 Freedom
3 This Must Be Hell
4 Run Babylon
5 (Stop Your) Brutality

Musicians Include:
Sly Dunbar & Max Edwards: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare & R. Fullwood: Bass
Tony Chin & Bingy Bunny: Rhythm Guitar
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith: Lead Guitar
Ansel Collin: Organ
Gladstone ‘Gladdy’ Anderson: Piano
Noel ‘Skully’ Sims & Sky Juice: Percussion
Vin Gordon: Trombone
Deadly ‘Headly’ Bennett: Saxohpone

Produced By: TapperZukie
Engineered By: Scientist & Prince Jammy
Design By: Gary @Voodoo London
Manufactured Under License from: D. Sincliar