Delroy Wilson the original ‘Cool Operator’ was also known to many as
‘Teacher’. A title given to him as he unselfishly taught the up and coming
singers including one youth Dennis Brown, the art and delivery of singing
technique. Delroy’s rich tone to his voice added a depth to any song that
he chose to sing and few could match it.

Delroy Wilson (b.1948 Kingston, Jamaica) began his musical career at
the school that was Coxonne Dodd’s Studio One label. His first release
at the tender age of thirteen was the Lee Perry produced ‘Joe Liges’.
This Ska enhanced tune gave the young singer his first hit and the follow
up single ‘Spit In The Sky’ also flew out the record shops doors. Other
hits followed including ‘One Two Three’, ‘I Shall Not Remove’ and
‘Look Back Again’ to name but a few. As the sound of reggae turn from
Ska to Rocksteady, Delroy Wilson hit with the time defining ‘Dancing Mood’
as well as other classic cuts such as ‘Once Upon A Time’,
‘Rain From The Skies’ and ‘Feel Good All Over’.
After a brief stop in 1969, which saw Delroy working for producer Sonia
Pottinger’s Tip Top label. Again producing hits including ‘It Hurts’ and
‘Put Yourself In My Place’. The 1970’s saw Delroy Wilson’s arrival at
producer Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee’s door and what would turn into a winning
formula, scoring hit after hit. It’s from this great period in Delroy’s career
that we have compiled this selection of killer tunes, cut with the drum and
bass rhythm kings themselves Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare.
Such classics as ‘Who Cares’, ‘Can I Change Your Mind’, ’Get Ready’,
’You Must Believe Me’ and the timeless title track to this collection
‘Hear Comes The Heartaches’. An album of great tracks cut with
the’ Hit Maker from Jamaica’ himself Bunny Lee and the hit team
The Aggrovators. A match made in heaven indeed …

Hope you enjoy the set.

CD Track Listing

1 Who Cares
2 Can I Change Your Mind
3 Come Along
4 Here Come The Heartaches
5 You Must Believe Me
6 Try Again
7 Living In The Footsteps (Of Another Man)
8 Get Ready
9 Drink Wine (Everybody)
10 Cherry Baby (a.k.a. Come Softly To Me)
11 Live And Learn
12 Mash Up Illiteracy (a.k.a. Mash It Up)
13 Peace And Love
14 The Same Old Song
15 So Long Jenny (a.k.a. So Long Baby)*
16 Keep Your True Love Strong*
17 Cheer Up (a.k.a. Happy Times)*
18 Can You Remember (a.k.a. Baby Don’t You Do It)*
•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 Who Cares
2 Can I Change Your Mind
3 Come Along
4 Here Come The Heartaches
5 You Must Believe Me
6 Try Again
7 Living In The Footsteps (Of Another Man)

Side 2

1 Get Ready
2 Drink Wine (Everybody)
3 Cherry Baby (a.k.a. Come Softly To Me)
4 Live And Learn
5 Mash Up Illiteracy (a.k.a. Mash It Up)
6 Peace And Love
7 The Same Old Song

Musicians Include:
Sly Dunbar: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare: Bass
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith: Lead Guitar
Willie Lingo: Rhythm Guitar
Winston Wright: Organ
Robbie Lynn: Keyboards
Tommy McCook: Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Ellis: Trumpet
Deadly ‘Headly’ Bennett & Vin Gordon: Thombone

Recorded at: Fedreal, Channel 1, Randy’s Studio 17, Dynamic Sounds, Harry J’s, & King Tubby’s
Produced By: Bunny Lee
Design by: Gary@Voodoo London
Photography: Courtesy of Bunny Lee
Manufactured Under Licence from: E.Lee