Derrick Morgan is one of the greats of Jamaican music, he is the undisputed
King of Ska. But his recording career did not stop in 1967 when the sound
of Ska slowed down into Rocksteady. Nor did it stop in 1968 when
Rocksteady evolved into the early sound of Reggae.

Derrick Morgan (B.1940,Stewarton,Jamaica ) had brought his brother in law,
Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee into the business around 1968 and their friendship proved
to be a long and very productive one. Their first hit together ‘Hold Your Jack’
was not only a local hit in Jamaica, but the rhythm would provide the backbone
to the ‘Wet Dream’ track, that Derrick was initially meant to sing. But this duty
fell to singer Max Romeo and would go on to be a massive hit in the UK.
Bunny Lee had earned the title Jamaican Producer of the Year in 1969,1970,1971
& 1972 and was untouchable. He took Derrick Morgan back in the studio to
cut another record this time the rhythms were reggae and the combination of
this and Derrick’s distinctive voice produced this great record.

The set you have here was first released in 1974 when reggae was king, the
album carried the name ‘In The Mood’ but also had the working title
‘This Is Derrick Morgan’. A title in the world of Reggae carrying the
‘This is’ moniker, would normally be used to introduce a new singer and
be his showcase album. In this case it could be used to re-introduce the singer
Derrick Morgan to the new reggae sound. But we feel someone of Derrick’s
calibre needs no introduction as his voice works on any rhythms put his way.

For the CD release we had added some of Mr Morgan’s duets, ‘I’m Gone’
sung alongside Hortense Ellis and ‘Feel So Good’ , So Long Baby’ that
he cut with Paulette. His hit ‘The Conqueror’ and the Rocksteady style
‘Greedy Gal’. These songs seem to fit with the original album tracks and
add an extra flavour to the mix. So sit back and enjoy one of greats of
Jamaican music showing the world with the help of producer Bunny Lee
that he can roll with the Reggae sound…..

CD Track Listing

1. What a Something
2. Don’t Blame the Man
3. Hey Little Girl
4. Seeing a Girl is Not Knowing Her
5. My Snow Ball Baby
6. Never Gonna Give Up
7. Keep On Fooling Me
8. I Have Nothing
9. Tell Him I Am Not Home
10. King’s Heart
11. Big Two
12. Still Around
13. The Conqueror*
14. I’m Gone (with Hortense Ellis )*
15. Feel So Good (with Paulette )*
16. Lee’s Dream*
17. Greedy Gal*
18. So Long Baby (with Paulette)*
•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1. What a Something
2. Don’t Blame the Man
3. Hey Little Girl
4. Seeing a Girl is Not Knowing Her
5. My Snow Ball Baby
6. Never Gonna Give Up

Side 2

1. Keep On Fooling Me
2. I Have Nothing
3. Tell Him I Am Not Home
4. King’s Heart
5. Big Two
6. Still Around

Musicians Include:
Musicians Include:
Drums: Sly Dunbar
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare
Lead Guitar: Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith
Organ: Winston Wright
Tenor Saxophone: Tommy McCook
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis

Recorded at: King Tubby’s Stuido
Additional Studio Work at: Channel 1, Harry J’s, Randy’s Stuido 17
Produced By: Bunny Lee
Design by: Gary@Voodoo London
Photography: Bunny Lee
Manufactured Under Licence From: E.Lee
All Titles Copyright Control