Tapper Zukie’s debut album ‘Man Ah Warrior’ was originally released in 1973.
It’s classic Dee Jay style has been copied by many but bettered by few.
An album that more than most shows that raw talent with little resources
can still be a great, great thing.

Tapper Zukie (b.1956, David Sinclair, Kingston, Jamaica) was raised in the
rough and tough West Kingston area of Jamaica, between the districts of
Trench Town and Greenwich Farm. Living pretty much on the streets from
an early age , the youths including the young Tapper had no choice but to
fall into the hands of the Political Parties that controlled the various ghetto
areas of the town. Fear of landing in even more trouble, a plan was devised
by Tapper’s mother, brother,Reggae producer ‘Blackbeard’ and family friend
and fellow record producer Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee to send the wayward Tapper
to England to cool his ways. A UK tour for number one reggae Dee Jay, U Roy
was already arranged and on arrival in London, Bunny Lee got the young Tapper
up to toast over a Slim Smith rhythm. The London crowd loved it and it also
caught the eye of producer Larry Lawrence who took the new protégé, in the
studio and cut his first single ‘Jump and Twist’, which later that year was released
under the name of ‘King Topper’ on Larry’s Ethic Fight Inprint. Nine further tracks
were also recorded for producer Clement Bushay that would result in the album
‘Man ah Warrior’. As we stated earlier the album was released later in that same
year 1973. The first pressings were on Count Shelly’s Third World Records,
initially carrying three tracks by other artist’s. ‘Summertime’ ( W.Brown), ‘Soul
and Inspiration’ (Barry Grober) and ‘You Know I Love You’ (Gene Rondo).
These tracks were later removed from future pressings and replaced with
two other Tapper Zukie tracks, ‘Viego’ and ‘Message To Pork Eaters’.

The ‘Man Ah Warrior’ album has influenced many people over the years
including the Punk Poet Patti Smith. Who as legend has it used the album
to hone her craft from converting her poetry into songs by singing over the
rhythms on the album. This led to Tapper being brought up on stage at
Pattie Smith’s London Show at the then named Hammersmith Odeon in
1976 to introduce her muse to the London Punk audience. That spontaneous
performance, led to a new generation of listeners to Tapper’s music.

For the CD issue of this release we had added Tapper’s first five single releases.
The aforementioned debut ‘Jump and Twist’, released under the name
King Topper, as a split single alongside ‘We’ve Got To Make Love’ by Bob
Archibald on the Ethnic Fight label. ‘Man Ah Warrior’- Topper Zukie, another
split single alongside ‘Tell Me Why’ by Carl Dawkins on the Lord Koos label.
‘I Re Lion’- Topper Zukie split with ‘Big Bad Boy’ Alton Ellis/Dennis Alcapone
on the Lord Koos label. ‘Feeling High’- Honey Boy and Tapper Zukie split with
‘Ranger At His Workshop’ Bush Ranger on the Count Shelly label.
All the above released in 1973, followed in 1974 with ‘Viego’/‘A message to
Pork Eaters’ - Topper Zukie on the Cactus label. The last two cuts later
added to make the album a full Tapper Zukie release.

We hope this introduction to Tapper Zukie’s music inspires you to look further
into his catalogue of great music. An artist ahead of his time, whose music
has influenced many.... as Patti Smith stated ‘Music of The Most High’…..

enjoy the experience….

CD Track Listing

1 Man Ah Warrior
2 Ire Lion
3 I King Zukie
4 Simpleton Badness
5 Archie, The Rednose Reindeer
6 Viego
7 Zukie Fashionwear
8 Black Cinderella
9 Cally Dolly
10 When Zukie Day Yah
11 A Message to Pork Eaters
12 Jump and Twist
(7 Inch Version)*
13 Man Ah Warrior
(7 Inch Version)*
14 Ire Lion
(7 Inch Version)*
15 Feeling High Version
(7 Inch Version)*
16 Viego
(7 Inch Version)*

•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 Man Ah Warrior
2 Ire Lion
3 I King Zukie
4 Simpleton Badness
5 Archie, The Rednose Reindeer
6 Viego

Side 2

1 Zukie Fashionwear
2 Black Cinderella
3 Cally Dolly
4 When Zukie Day Yah
5 A Message to Pork Eaters

Many thanks to Penny Reel for his help with this release
Produced by: Tapper Zukie & Clement Bushay
Manufactured Under Licence from: D. Sinclair
Design: Gary @ Voodoo London
All tracks Copyright control