Prince Alla the Rastafarian Roots Reggae singer brings a majestic touch to the
songs he sings. His beliefs run through his music and give it a sense of reverence
that only a solemn, pious man as Prince Alla could.

Prince Alla (born Keith Blake, Kingston, Jamaica,1950) began his singing career
working for producer Joe Gibbs. Cutting three tracks as a member of the vocal
group the Leaders around 1968 and a solo single ‘Woo Oh Oh’. 1969 saw Blake
follow his strong Rastafarian faith by moving into the Rasta camp of
Prince Emmanuel Edwards initially in Spainish Town and latter moving to
Greenwich Farm. It was at the later that he crossed paths with Tapper Zukie
who was just beginning to work as a producer as well as a singer. Prince Alla
played Tapper a tune he had written called ‘Bosrah’ (Bozrock), so blown away
with the tune that Tapper took Prince Alla up to Lee Perry’s Black Ark
studio’s to record the track. The results were great so they worked on various
other tracks ‘Funeral’ which was a 12’’ version to the track ‘Daniel’ and another
track called ‘Heaven Is My Roof’ which would go on to be the title track to the
album Tapper Zukie would release to
showcase his recordings cut with Prince Alla.

It is this collection of songs and their extended versions ‘Black Man (Daniel mix
featuring Tapper Zukie), ‘Bosrah Dub’, ‘Funeral Dub’ that we have put togethe
for this release. Alongside three classic extra cuts, ‘Hail Rastafari’, ‘Black Roses’
and the sublime title track to this collection ‘Royal Throne Room’ that completes
this set. Hope you enjoy the Royal Story….Keep the Faith.

CD Track Listing

1 Royal Throne Room
2 Bosrah
3 Hail Rastafari
4 Funeral
5 Black Roses
6 Slavemaster
7 Daniel
8 Heaven is My Roof
9 Go Down In Silence
10 Gold Diver
11 Jah Jah Bird
12 Go To School
13 Just One Way
14 Black Man (Daniel Mix feat: Tapper Zukie)*
15 Bosrah Dub*
16 Funeral Dub*
•CD Bonus Track

Vinly Track Listing

Side 1
1 Royal Throne Room
2 Bosrah
3 Hail Rastafari
4 Funeral
5 Black Roses
6 Slavemaster

Side 2

1 Daniel
2 Heaven is My Roof
3 Go Down In Silence
4 Gold Diver
5 Jah Jah Bird
6 Go To School
7 Just One Way

Musicians Include:
Sly Dunbar,Santa Davis: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare, George ‘Fully’ Fullwood: Bass
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith,Tony Chin, Bingy Bunny: Guitar
Augustus Pablo,Keith Sterling,Ansel Collins,Gladstone Anderson: Keyboards
Vin Gordon,Deadley ‘Headley’ Bennett,Bobby Ellis: Horns
Scully Sky Juice: Percussion

Recorded at: Channel 1 by Scientist
Black Ark ( Bosrah )
Voiced & Mixed at King Tubby’s Studio b: Prince Jammy, Phillip Smart, King Tubby
Produced By: Tapper Zukie
Design By: Gary @ Voodoo London
Photography: Tapper Zukie
Manufactured Under Licence from Tapper Zukie
Made in the UK.
All tracks copyright control