Tapper Zukie’s ‘Peace in the Ghetto’ album would be the first release as part of his
then new deal with Virgin Records. This came about through a trip organised by the
label to Jamaica in 1978 to sign up the cream of the crop of reggae artists, for the
new Virgin Front Line label. Personnel on this trip included a certain John Lydon
(Rotten) of the Sex Pistols, whose band had just split up. Richard Branson thought it
would be a good idea to get him away for a few weeks, nurture his new solo deal
(Public Image Limited) and with the added incentive that Lydon was a massive
reggae fan and could advise on various signings. The punk world had already
known of Tapper Zukie through his links with Patti Smith (see Tapper Zukie’ Man
from Bosrah’ album KS049) and his M.P.L.A. album and single. So Tapper was
high on the list for potential signings.

The Peace In The Ghetto album deals with the political situation in Jamaica at the
time, the peace initiative between the gangs and Political Parties.Paying tribute
to some of the gang leaders, Claudie Massop, Buckie Thompson and Tony Welsh
who helped make this process happen. Tracks such as ‘Peace in the Arena’ and
‘Peace in the City’ sing praise to these issues. The album also includes a very early
mention to South Africa’s Steve Biko, ‘Tribute to Steve Biko’, and the struggles
happening there, long before many had even heard of his name. The Album also
has a lighter side, tracks like ‘Dangerous Women’ that Tapper would have a massive
hit with, when renamed ‘She Want A Phensic’. A track again way ahead of its time,
in a style that would become so popular a few years later.

But whatever the subject matter Tapper Zukie chooses to hang his songs on, you
know that he always does it in fine style. For the Cd issue of this release, Tapper has
picked two tracks that he feels happy to put alongside the album.’Jah is I Guiding Light’
and ‘Natty No Cry’. It’s important to get this album out on the streets again, the message
is still the same and the songs we hope you agree stand the test of time, so sit back
and enjoy .Tapper Zukie… Chanting Peace In The Ghetto, Singing Love In the
Ghetto… as he always has..


CD Track Listing

1 Peace in the Arena
2 The City of Mount Zion
3 Ghetto Rock
4 Tribute to Steven Biko
5 Dangerous Woman
6 Get on the Double
7 Praise Jah in Gladness
8 Peace in the City
9 Bimbo Bimbo
11 Jah is I Guiding Light *
11 No Natty No Cry*
•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 Peace in the Arena
2 The City of Mount Zion
3 Ghetto Rock
4 Tribute to Steven Biko

Side 2

1 Dangerous Woman
2 Get on the Double
3 Praise Jah in Gladness
4 Peace in the City
5 Bimbo Bimbo

Musicians Include:
Sly Dunbar, Santa Davis: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare: Bass
Tony Chin,Bingy Bunny: Rhythm Guitar
Earl’Chinna’ Smith: Lead Guitar
Ansel Collins: Organ
Gladstone ‘Gladdy’ Anderson: Piano
Noel ‘Skully’ Simms ans Sky Juice: Percussion
Vin Gordon: Trombone
Bobby Ellis: Trumpet
Deadly ‘Headly’ Bennett: Saxophone

All Tracks Written By: Sinclair / S.Lee
Except Track 10 written by: Sinclair Produced by: S.Lee
Track 11 written by: Sinclair
Produced By: Tapper Zukie
Photography: Dennis Morris, Courtesy of Tapper Zukie Arccive
Design by: Gary@Voodoo London
Manufactured Under License from: D. Sinclair
All tracks copyright control