Slim Smith is high on the list of great singers that came out of Jamaica. Although
Jamaica was bursting with musical talent, few could match his soulful and heartfelt
style. Sadly he had a short career but he produced a catalogue of music that still stands
the test of time, like all the great artists his story carries on through the songs he left behind.

Slim Smith (b 1948, Keith Smith, Kingston, Jamaica) first came to the Jamaican music
scene as a member of the Victors Youth Band, who by all accounts went down favourably
in the 1964 Jamaican Festival. Spurred on by this he formed his own band the Techniques,
alongside Winston Riley. Gaining a record contract with Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle label,
they recorded a few local hits ‘I Am The Love’ and ‘Little Did You Know’. Late 1965 saw
Slim leaving the group and traveling to Toronto, Canada where he cut a solo album apply
named ‘Toronto 66’. Not finding the success he had hoped for, he returned to Jamaica to
continue his recording career. Working with producer Prince Buster and at Coxonne’s Dodd’s
Studio One label. This resulted in the singles ‘I’ve Got Your Number’, ‘Hip Hug’ and ‘Rougher Yet’.

It was now 1967 and after a brief time singing with the group the Sensations, Slim decided
to form a new band. The group named by his new producer Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee would be
called the Uniques. Initial members Derrick Morgan and Ken Boothe, sang harmonies and
this line up cut its first hit for Bunny Lee, the timeless ‘People Rock Steady’, a massive hit in
Jamaica. Its follow up ‘Let Me Go Girl’ which featured the vocal talents of Lloyd Charmers
and BB Seaton now taking over the harmony duties, proved another winner and became
the biggest record in Jamaica in 1967. ‘My Conversation’ came next, it seemed this team
could do no wrong, ‘My Conversation’ not only tore the place up, but over the years has
become the most versioned and covered song in Jamaican history. An amazing feat in
itself and proof if any was needed, to the strength of the song and its rhythm pushed along
so sweetly with that haunting piano line, laid down by the groups drummer Winston Grennan.
After recording one album ‘Absolutely the Uniques’, Slim Smith again decided to go solo.

Wisely sticking with producer Bunny Lee the hits still followed, ‘Everybody Needs Love ‘,
‘Somebody To Love’ and the classic ‘Time Will Come’ which sadly was to be his last single.
In 1973 having been through some personnel problems, Slim came home late one evening
and accidently cut an artery on some broken glass from his door window. Slim lost his life.
Jamaica lost a talented son, he would often be compared to the great Curtis Mayfield,an
artist that Slim Smith had drawn much inspiration from.

We have compiled some of his finest moments from his period working alongside the hit maker
from Jamaica himself, producer Bunny Lee. A great set of tunes that we hope will keep his
memory alive and Keep the Light Shining… Respect…..

CD Track Listing

1 Blessed Are the Meek
2 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
3 Time Has Come
4 Turning Point
5 Kiss Me Each Morning
6 Keep That Light
7 Somebody to Love
8 Everybody Needs Love
9 Take Me Back
10 Sunny Side Of The sea
11 Give Me Some More Loving
12 Just A Dream
13 Jenny Come Lately
14 Please Go
15 Aint to Proud To Beg*
16 I Will Never Let You Go*
17 Grow Closely Together*
18 Slip Away*
•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 Blessed Are the Meek
2 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
3 Time Has Come
4 Turning Point
5 Kiss Me Each Morning
6 Keep That Light
7 Somebody to Love

Side 2

1 Everybody Needs Love
2 Take Me Back
3 Sunny Side Of The sea
4 Give Me Some More Loving
5 Just A Dream
6 Jenny Come Lately
7 Please Go

Musicians Include:
The Uniques:
Keith ‘Slim’ Smith, Ken Boothe, Derrick Morgan, Jimmy Riley
Horace ‘BB’ Seaton, Roy Shirley, Lloyd ‘Charmers’ Tyral, Frankln White

Lynn Taitt and the Jets:
Bryan Atkinson: Bass
Joe Issacs: Drums
Lynn Tait, Lynford ‘Hux’ Brown: Guitar
Gladstone ‘Gladdy’ Anderson, Theophius Becford: Piano
Winston Wright: Organ

Bobby Aiken and The Carib Beats:
Vincent White: Bass
Winston Grennan: Drums
Bobby Aiken: Guitar
Ansel Collins: Organ

Sly Dunbar: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare: Bass
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith: Lead Guitar
Winston Wright: Organ
Robbie Lynn: Keyboards
Tommy McCook: Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Ellis: Trumpet

Produced By: Bunny Lee
Studios Include:
Federal, W.I.R.L, Dynamic Sound, Harry J’s, Randy’s Studio 17, Studio 1, Treasure Isle, King Tubby’s
Design By: Gary @ Voodoo London
Photography: Bunny Lee / Jah Floyd
Manufactured under Licence from E. Lee
All tracks copyright control