Tapper Zukie was high on a list of artists that Richard Branson in 1978 had in mind
to sign to his new reggae label Front Line. The mission was to sign the cream of the
reggae crop when the Virgin record boss went down to Jamaica with a group of
reggae minded people. Included in that posse was one Johnny Rotten, singer of
the just split punk group the Sex Pistols. The result of which would be a two album
deal between Tapper and the label. The first release also in 1978 was the album
Peace In the Ghetto (see Kingston Sounds release KS052) and this release you
have in your hand Tapper Roots.

Tapper Zukie’s second album for the label ‘Tapper Roots’ and what would be his
last release for a somewhat short lived signing, came out as previously mentioned
in 1978 at the tail end of the Punk Rock explosion, that had by now been christened
New Wave. Tapper was well known by the Punk crowd through his links with Punk
Poetess, Patti Smith .His ghetto vibes and street lyrics had a resonance with the
alternative crowd, they found meaning to his truth and rights lyrics. The songs
chosen for the ‘Tapper Roots’ album still carried a similar roots / Biblical message
that his previous mentioned album ‘Peace In The Ghetto’ had. ‘Satta’, ‘Rastaman Skank’ ,
‘Freedom Street’ and the title track ‘Tapper Roots’ all are embedded with Rasta meaning.

Songs such as ‘Don’t Shoot The Youth’ and ‘Green Bay Murder’ did not mince their words
when talking about the problems faced back in Jamaica at the time .The album also carried
a message to the youth that violence was not the answer in ‘Simpelton Leave Violence’.
This set of songs like it’s previous also has a lighter side ‘First Street Rock’ and ‘Oh Lord!’
the latter of which remained on the Jamaican charts for six weeks on its initial release.

For the CD issue of this release, Tapper has picked two tracks that he feels happy to put
alongside the album. ’Make Faith’ cut with the band ‘Knowledge’ that Tapper had nurtured
and recorded an albums worth of material. He would later get the band signed to A&M records.
The first, if not the only reggae act to be signed to the American label. The other track ‘New Star’
has Tapper singing his positive
message over the classic ‘My whole world is Falling Down’ rhythm. This is another important
album from the great Tapper Zukie catalogue, the message is still the same and the songs
we hope you agree stand the test of time, so sit back and enjoy part two….Tapper Roots
On The Ball , For One and All..


CD Track Listing

1 O Lord !
2 Satta
3 Don’t Shoot The Youth
4 Rastaman Skank
5 Riding West
6 Tapper Roots
7 First Street Rock
8 Green Bay Murder
9 Freedom Street
10 Simpleton Leave Violence
11 Make Faith*
12 New Star*
•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 O Lord !
2 Satta
3 Don’t Shoot The Youth
4 Rastaman Skank
5 Riding West
Side 2
1 Tapper Roots
2 First Street Rock
3 Green Bay Murder
4 Freedom Street
5 Simpleton Leave Violence

Musicians Include:
Sly Dunbar, Santa Davis: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare: Bass
Tony Chin,Bingy Bunny: Rhythm Guitar
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith: Lead Guitar
Ansel Collins: Organ
Gladstone ‘Gladdy’ Anderson: Piano
Noel ‘Skully’ Simms ans Sky Juice: Percussion
Vin Gordon: Trombone
Bobby Ellis: Trumpet
Deadly ‘Headly’ Bennett: Saxophone

Produced By: Tapper Zukie
Except Track 8 Produced by D. Sinclair / G. Brown
Recorded at: Channel One
Mixed at: King Tubby’s By Prince Jammy
Photography: Curtesy of Tapper Zukie Archive
Design by: Gary@Voodoo London
Manufactured Under License from: D. Sinclair
All tracks copyright control