The productions of producer Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee were so extensive in the early to mid
1970’s that labels were created just to handle his ever expanding output. Three labels
that came about during this time when dub was king, were Jackpot, Justice and Attack.
Here we look at the Justice label and have compiled a collection of some its finest dub cuts.

Justice records was formed in the early 1970’s as we stated earlier, as a subsidiary label to
handle the ever growing output of Producer and hit maker from Jamaica Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee.
Bunny worked in all the Jamaican studio’s and as an independent operator would licence
his product to all the different labels in England and America.

Bunny was at the birth of dub music and worked closely with King Tubby where he stored
many of his masters, so Bunny’s rhythms were always available for Tubby to work his magic over.
Version had hit big around this time and many records were brought for the flip side dub of the
vocal cut. The side that was proving so popular at the sound system dances, where the records
were tried and tested. So inevitably nearly all Justice record’s carried its dub counterpart.
We have compiled what we think are some of the best dubcuts from this label and era.

Hope you enjoy the set.

CD Track Listing

1 A Version Of Class
2 A Rude Dubwise
3 Jah Jah Dub
4 Creation Dub
5 Natty No Lie Version
6 Forward Dub
7 This Ya Version Ya Red
8 Don’t Try To Dub I
9 A Thankful Dub
10 A Traditional Dub
11 A Confusing Version
12 Collie Version
13 A Stalawatt Version*
14 Full A Manners*
15 A Roots Version*
16 The Jahovah Version*

CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 A Version Of Class
2 A Rude Dubwise
3 Jah Jah Dub
4 Creation Dub
5 Natty No Lie Version
6 Forward Dub

Side 2
1 This Ya Version Ya Red
2 Don’t Try To Dub I
3 A Thankful Dub
4 A Traditional Dub
5 A Confusing Version
6 Collie Version

Musicians Include:

Carlton ‘Santa’ Davis, Carlton Barrett, Sly Dunbar: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare, George ‘Fully’ Fullwood, Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett: Bass
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith: Lead Guitar
Tony Chin, Aston Barrett: Rhythm Guitar
Bernard ‘Touter’ Harvey, Ossie Hibbert: Organ

Rhythm’s Recorded at: Channel 1, Randy’s Studio, Harry J’s, Dynamic Sounds
Mixed at: King Tubby’s
Produced By: Bunny Lee
Design By: Gary@Voodoo London
Manufactured Under Licence from E.Lee
Made in the U.K.