The Sound Systems of Jamaica were always the people’s radio station. Tunes were
tried and tested in the lion’s den of the dance, to see which songs rose to the top and
became the most popular. This was the litmus test and the first step to a tracks
commercial release, to capitalise its hotness on the circuit. When the Dub / version
hit big in Jamaica in the early to mid 70’s, this was also the case and many times the
version cut of a track would even prove more popular than its vocal counterpart.

These ‘version’ cuts were tried out on the Sound System dances across Jamaica as
dub plates and sometimes kept exclusive to certain dances, until the producers often
forced the hand to release these in demand cuts, mostly to the dismay of the sound
System men. Who always hustled to maintain the tracks exclusivity to their Sound System.

On release these cuts were matched up with it’s vocal counterpart as it’s flip / version side.
Many versions were reworked with various alternatives. Sometimes turning up the brass
section, for a horns cut or adding a DJ to wax lyrical over the exsisting rhythm of vocal as
in a question / answer type style. The more popular the rhythm / song the more cuts you
could here. Old Studio One rhythms were reworked and cut again say at Channel 1 studio
and a new vocal song dropped over that and that became the new basis for a new version
to be worked up. Expanding on that great saying’ you can’t keep a good tune down’ to
great effect .....

We have compiled some great 70’s dub plates that rocked the Sound Systems in Fine style.
As stated above some are reworkings of previous songs as in ‘Six Million Dollar Version’
which was a reworking of Alton Ellis’s ‘Breaking Up’ recut for Leroy Smart’s ‘Shame and Pride’
and used for Johnny Clarke’s cover of the song also. This actual version was used as version
side to Dennis Alcapone’s ’Six Million Dollar Man’ track hence it’s name . ‘Dub ites
Green And Gold’ was a cut to Johnny Clarke’s version of the Burning Spear classic.
So it goes as they say,
necessity is the mother of invention and we think in this release it proves the case. Where
classic rhythms reworked and honed can produce something new and exciting , that will
rock the Sound Systems of Jamaica and indeed the world in fine style again and again.

Hope you enjoy the set.

CD Track Listing

1 Exalted Dub
2 Bag a Wire Dub
3 Dub Ites Green And Gold
4 Chapter Of Money
5 Beat Them in Dub
6 Thunder Rock
7 How Long Dub
8 Everybody Needs Dub
9 Six Million Dollar Version
10 Peace and Love In Dub
11 A Living Version
12 A Heavy Dub
13 Drums of Africa*
14 Channel Is A Joker*
15 Breaking Up Dubwise*
16 Version Of Class*

CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 Exalted Dub
2 Bag a Wire Dub
3 Dub Ites Green And Gold
4 Chapter Of Money
5 Beat Them in Dub
6 Thunder Rock

Side 2
1 How Long Dub
2 Everybody Needs Dub
3 Six Million Dollar Version
4 Peace and Love In Dub
5 A Living Version
6 A Heavy Dub

Musicians Include:
Carlton ‘Santa’ Davis, Sly Dunbar: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare, Lloyd Parks: Bass
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith, Tony Chin,Winston ‘Bo-Pee’ Bowen: Guitar
Winston Wright, Jackie Mittoo: Organ
Augustus Pablo: Keyboards
Tommy McCook: Saxophone
Bobby Ellis: Trumpet
Vin Gordon: Trombone
Noel ‘Skully’ Simms, Barnabus: Percussion

Recorded at: Channel 1,Randy’s Studio 17,Harry J’s,Dynamics & King Tubby’s
Mixed at: King Tubby’s
Produced By: Bunny Lee
Design by: Gary@Voodoo Londoon
Jamaican Sound System Photography: Kunho Chi
Manufactured Under Licence From: E.Lee
Made in the U.K.