Augustus Pablo has his place set in Reggaes story, his unique sound stemmed
from the use of a simple musical instrument the melodica, (see cover picture) that
somehow in his hands, became majestic and mystic at the same time.

Augustus Pablo (b. Horace Swaby,1954, St Andrew, Jamaica) cut his musical
teeth with producer Herman Chin – Lo in 1969, with his first record ‘Iggy Iggy’.
His second cut for the producer was to be the timeless ‘East of the River Nile’
hat carried that haunting Far-East feel that in many ways became his signature
sound. Pablo has worked with many of Jamaica’s top producers adding his flavour
not only with his melodica but also with his keyboards and piano skills. He has
added his magic touch to many of the classic Studio One rhythms,
Skanking Easy (Swing Easy rhythm), Frozen Dub (Frozen Soul rhythm) to name
but two, and his classic set of dubs that he reworked from his own tunes and
productions for artists such as Jacob Miller became his renowned dub set
‘King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown’. Working with the master himself
Mr King Tubby at his studio in Drummlie Avenue, Kingston.

We have sourced a collection of original rhythms that were cut at Duke Reid’s
Treasure Isle studio that Mr Pablo worked over in his now familiar style.
Again adding his magical sound over these cuts to produce what we believe
to be another classic set….

Hope you enjoy the ride….

CD Track Listing

1 Rockers Magic
2 Pablo On The Scene
3 Duke Spirit
4 Treasured Version
5 Smoke Signal
6 Hillside Dub
7 Old Time Rock
8 Black Heart Sound
9 Eastern Dub
10 Bright Light Version
11 Shinning Dub
12 Jump Up
13 Merry Melodies
14 Can’t Stop The Rockers
15 Blue Time
16 Shepherds Delight
17 Sunshine Version*
18 Earthquake Dub*
19 Thunder and Lightning*
•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 Rockers Magic
Source: Ali Ba Ba/John Holt
2 Pablo On The Scene
Source: All My Tears/Alton Ellis
3 Duke Spirit
Source: Can’t Hide/Ken Parker
4 Treasured Version
Source: Treasure Isle alt cut
5 Smoke Signal
Source: If I Could Rule The World Rhythm
6 Hillside Dub
Source: Blue Moon Rhythm
7 Old Time Rock
Source: Last Train To Expo 67 Rhythm
8 Black Heart Sound
Source: My Girl/Techniques

Side 2
1 Eastern Dub
Source: Mercy Mercy/Paragons
2 Bright Light Version
Source: Wear You To The Ball/Paragons
3 Shinning Dub
Source: Queen Majesty/Techniques
4 Jump Up
Source: How Much I Love You/Phyllis Dillon
5 Merry Melodies
Source: Those Guys/Sensations
6 Can’t Stop The Rockers
Source: You Have Caught Me Baby/Melodians
7 Blue Time
Source: Love Is A Treasure/Freddie McKay
8 Shepherds Delight
Source: Treasure Isle lost Cut

Musicians Include:
Arkland ‘Drumbago’ Parks, Hugh Malcom: Drums
Jackie Jackson: Bass
Lynn Taitt, Ronnie Ball ‘Ska’ Williams: Guitar
Hux Brown: Lead Guitar
Gladstone Anderson: Piano
Winston Wright: Organ
Tommy McCook: Tenor Saxophone
Lester Sterling: Alto Saxophone

Rhythms Recorded at: Treasure Isle Studios
Design By: Gary @ Voodoo London
Photography: Kind permission Bunny Lee
Manufactured Under Licence from: E. Lee/A. Ross